Monday, 27 June 2011

All sold out!

Some photos from my stall on Saturday at Deanesfield School, Ruislip.
When I run stalls I always have the worry of how much shall I make... to little and I sell out early on and could have sold more.... too much and I am left with perishable stock. Well I seemed to judge it right this time :-) and had just the right amount. Though I could have done with some more of the flake, Oreo and toffee cupcakes as they sold out quite early on.

So for those of you who are not sure how much stock to make, here is a guide, for a 4 hour stall at a school fair I sold
32 slices of Victoria sandwich
48 slices of carrot cake
17 Lemon drizzle
50 cake pops
49 cupcakes.

Though I could have sold 100 cupcakes

Next stall is at the Tudor Lodge Hotel in Eastcote on the 24th July. 2pm -5pm. If you are local pop along and see us :-)

Jackie and Gemma working on my stall

Flake, Oreo and fudge cupcakes, these were my best sellers on Saturday, and sold really well on fathers day this year.

Cake pops, made these a few times before but this is the first time I have sold them on a stall. They went down really well. Big thanks to bakerella and there amazing book, full of inspiration, I need to get more adventurous with them next time!!!

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